Unionman Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a professional supplier that engages in R&D, manufacturing and service on Smart Home, Intelligent Security, NB-IoT and AI Robots. With 1,255 employees, including an R&D team of  573, Unionman

  Unionman always maintains an outstanding product advantage and has leading technology in related fields such as audio/video coding, image processing and transmission, embedded system development & application, cloud equipment and systems, etc. It has more than 500 independent intellectual property rights which include invention patents, and has been awarded

  Unionman Technology always believes technology is the driving power of enterprise development. In the future, Unionman will be continuously keep on R&D and developing products with the latest technologies in order to bring them to the market ahead of competitors and have close collaboration with customers and technology partners to make a bright, prospective future together.

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